What is The Most Important Thing a Real Estate Agent Should Have on Their Landing Page to Attract a Seller?

our lead magnet will be different with sellers. Lead magnets are what you offer the seller in return for their information (name, email, phone number, etc.)

Sellers are generally attracted to landing pages with guides on how to sell their home, resources on what to know before you sell a home, etc.

If you create an ebook or whitepaper with information sellers will find valuable, you’re off to a great start.

Make sure you also include other important elements on the landing page such as:

  • a form with about 3 form fields (no more than 5) and a clear CTA.
  • a clear headline
  • a benefit list of what info the guide will give you
  • you could put a picture of yourself on the page. have visuals of some sort.

If you want more info about creating landing pages for real estate agents let me know. Cheers