Would a Real Estate Agent Reduce Their Commission to Attract More Business?

Yes, the real estate space is becoming increasingly competitive and most agents are willing to reduce their commissions to earn your business.

A LOT of really great agents will also offer you rebates. Try out UpNest – we’re an online real estate marketplace. We match home buyers with top buyer agents – many who offer rebates (in states that allow them) as an added incentive to hire them over competing agents on our platform who ‘bid’ to earn your business. UpNest will also pay you an additional $300 bonus rebate for using our service. That’s 2 months of Starbuck’s coffee. 😉

Rebates can save you THOUSANDS, so it pays to shop around. Check out our FAQs to learn more.

We partner with top-notch agents and they do NOT cut corners just because they are giving you a rebate. GOOD agents realize that a satisfied customer leads to repeat business and will likely refer them to friends and family, which leads to a network of future prospects. Your satisfaction matters to them.

A recent 2015 report by the National Association of Realtors® lends some insight into just how much homework today’s home buyers do – only 33% of the surveyed buyers found their home through the agent (source: NAR).: