Real Estate: Why I Got My Things and Left

Ever get the urge to just take off? Well, sometimes people actually do it. Whether it’s because of a life shift, random luck or just the need for a different scene, changing location can completely alter the course of a person’s life.

So who are these people who make “crazy” moves—and how did it work out for them? And why did they pull up stakes in the first place?  Here, a handful share their stories.

Because of a busted knee

“I was living what some would consider the glamorous life of a Broadway performer, but after my third knee surgery, I realized that I dreaded going back to work. After many sleepless nights, I decided to leap into the unknown: moving onto a sailboat off the coast of North Carolina. A year of living on a ship brought clarity to my life. After that, I returned to my hometown of Houston, where I met my husband. We live in a lovely home that I would never have imagined ever being fortunate enough to own. I found what I was looking for—all due to knee surgery.” Michelle DeJean, Houston, TX