Why Apartments Are the Single Best Way to Escape the Rat Race

Are you wholesaling, flipping, or landlording? Have you thought about how long will it take for you to quit the rat race? Most investors never ask that question and waste years pursuing a real estate strategy that will never let them achieve their financial goals.

I never asked the question and delayed my retirement by YEARS with the wrong strategy.

It was 2005, a year after I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I decided that I needed to start with real estate investing to generate enough passive income to NOT have to work.

I educated myself. I hired a mentor. And I began to flip houses. Over the next several years, I ended up flipping 34 houses and made great money. But then I then realized that flipping houses was:

  • Not generating passive income,
  • Was a TON of work, and
  • Was NEVER going to let me quit the rat race.

I didn’t realize these things because I never asked myself this one question:

Can I Quit the Rat Race With My Current Strategy?

In my case, I hadn’t asked this question — my goal was just to get started with real estate investing. But I now realize by NOT asking this question, I wasted several years pursuing a strategy that would NEVER help me retire.

That stops today because we’re all going to ask (and answer) that question right now.